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For prevention of emergence of the fires it is necessary to observe measures of fire safety. On any production object there have to be fire extinguishing means: fire extinguishers, sand, system of water supply or simply access to water, powder, etc. It is necessary to respect fire protection regulations at construction and operation of ventilating systems, systems of heating, lighting, electric providing, buildings and constructions.

On zverovodchesky farms animals contain in cages with reliable locks. When catching minks and sables, for an exception of opportunity having bitten, quilted mittens with a leather or tarpaulin covering are applied. When catching foxes and polar foxes use the metal fixing pincers, slingshots, nets. When carrying out zooveterinary actions with a large animal surely fix his mouth a special clip or bandage.

Unfortunately, now the quantity of silver-black foxes in farms was a little reduced because of replacement by their mink, more favorable to cultivation. But demand for a silver-black fox remains high and experts are faced by a problem of the maximum improvement of quality of furs at the expense of a timely bonitirovka of animals, control of correctness of feeding and conditions of keeping. Important value on quality of skins is rendered by face terms, preprocessing and seasonal variability.

On the basis of the carried-out analysis of data it is possible to draw the following conclusions: the exit to the main female increases by all types of animals, except polar foxes, on polar foxes on average the exit to the main female was reduced by 5,73%.

2 The territory of economy has to have a hard coating on the carriageway and production sites, devices for a drain and branch of a surface water, and also is planned, fenced with a fence and divided into production and economic zones.

On point of preprocessing of skins provide the following rooms: film-making, obezzhirovochny, drying, otkatochny, sorting, finished goods warehouse, a shower, a toilet and the room for rest of the service personnel and acceptance of food.

Primary instructing on a workplace prior to the beginning of a production activity is carried out according to the programs developed and approved by the director taking into account requirements of the SSBT standards with all again accepted on the enterprise.

Zverovodchesky farms (farms) have to be on the mode of the enterprises of the closed type. Thus the entrance and entrance to a production zone of economy is strictly forbidden strangers and transport.

Growth of the cities, rapid development of the industry, agriculture intensification, considerable expansion of the areas of the irrigated lands, improvement of cultural and community conditions and some other factors complicates problems of providing with water more and more. Deficiency of fresh water already now becomes a world problem. More and more increasing requirements of the industry and agriculture for water cram all countries, a scientific world to look for various means for the solution of this problem.

The polluting substances, getting to natural reservoirs, lead to high-quality changes of water which are generally shown in change of physical properties of water, in particular, emergence of unpleasant smells, smacks, etc.; in change of a chemical composition of water, in particular, emergence in it harmful substances, available floating substances on a water surface and their postponement at the bottom of reservoirs.

Having analysed current situation of withdrawal of young growth, it is possible to draw conclusions on very significant improvements at cultivation of young growth of minks and foxes. On young growth of minks of % of marriage decreased by 48,65%, and on young growth of foxes for 67,14%. Much less optimistically data on withdrawal of young growth of a polar fox look