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The theory of relativity and quantum mechanics - also closed theories leaning on peculiar idealization. For creation of the similar closed theory at research of elementary particles it is necessary to look for or build deeper idealization which in a limit case would lead to already known physical theories. Let's say that such idealization is found and constructed the closed theory of elementary particles. Whether it is possible to say in that case, what the physics came to the end?

The concept of a matter, as we know, can be defined as some kind of reduction in which we cover a set of various sensually perceived things in compliance with their general properties. As microobjects appear to us rather as abstract images, but not as sensually perceived things, the concept of a matter covers these images, uniting in itself all the that general that we consider inherent in them.

A certain rejection of a hypothesis of quarks by Heisenberg is caused by his methodological principles and his concept of scientific knowledge. He perfectly realizes complexity of informative procedures and pays attention of the reader that the modern physics approached such initial elements of the natural world for which all our means to present them in evident images or habitual concepts not only do not give us new understanding, but return us to former unsoluble antinomy.