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The Miofibrillyarny working hypertrophy is connected with a of number and volume,, i.e. own ­ the device of muscle fibers. Thus laying density increases in muscle fiber. Such working of muscle fibers conducts to significant growth in MS. Significantly also the absolute force of a muscle increases, and at a working hypertrophy of the first type it or does not at all, or even decreases a little. Apparently, fast muscle fibers are most predisposed to a miofibrillyarny hypertrophy.

One authors consider muscular force as ability to overcome external resistance or to counteract it at the expense of muscular effort, others – as ability to show at the expense of muscular effort certain sizes of force, the third – as ability at the expense of muscular tension to show certain sizes of force. All these definitions are almost equivalent.

The dynamic force measured at concentric of muscles is, less, than static force. Of course, such the it is carried out at the maximum efforts of the examinee in both cases and at identical articulate coal. In the mode of reductions (the conceding mode) of a muscle are capable ­ the dynamic force considerably exceeding the isometric. The more the movement speed, the dynamic force more shown at the conceding mode of a of muscles.

In the conditions of electric irritation of a muscle or under hypnosis it is possible to reveal the maximum muscular force which will appear more than that force which the person shows at limit any effort - so-called maximum any force. The difference between the maximum muscular force and the maximum any force is called as deficiency of muscular force. This size decreases during power training as there is a reorganization of morfofunktsionalny opportunities of muscle fibers and mechanisms of their any regulation.

At measurement of dynamic force the examinee carries out a which demands difficult extra muscular and intramuscular coordination. Therefore indicators of dynamic force considerably differ at different people and at repeated measurements at the same person, and it is more, than indicators of isometric (static) force.

Set of central nervous mechanisms of control of the muscular device — of intramuscular coordination and mechanisms of intermuscular coordination belongs to coordination (central nervous) factors.

Intensive synthesis and the reduced disintegration of muscle proteins is the cornerstone of a working hypertrophy. Respectively the of DNA and RNA in a hypertrophied muscle is more, than in the. Creatine which contents increases in ­ to a muscle, can stimulate the strengthened synthesis of an aktin and and thus to promote development of a working of muscle fibers.

Slow and fast oxidizing fibers are most predisposed to a sarkoplazmatichesky, apparently. The working hypertrophy of this type influences growth of a of muscles a little, but considerably increases ability to work, i.e. increases their endurance.

Extremely important feature of the muscular force shown in the dynamic mode is that its manifestation can be instant. The greatest size of instant force will characterize the maximum dynamic force. However, as we know, manifestation of muscular force when performing any movement always proceeds in time. In this case the final effect of continuous manifestation of force in time is defined by force impulse – F*t.

Power training is connected with rather small number repeated maximum or close to them muscular in which both fast, and slow fibers participate. However and a small number of repetitions it is enough for development of a working hypertrophy of fast fibers that on their big predisposition to development of a working hypertrophy (in comparison with slow fibers). The high percent of fast fibers serves as the important prerequisite for significant increase in muscular force at the directed power training in muscles. Therefore people with high percent of fast fibers in muscles have higher potential opportunities for development of force and power.

Relevance – training of the qualified athletes becomes more and more difficult and long. In this regard the attention of experts is paid to need of development of physical qualities and for a bigger measure of power opportunities.