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Dependences of the return proportionality between dynamics of an index of the generalized profitability and volume of the means reserved in system (V), direct dependences between V, capitalization and a SOL-index are found.

Share dependences are not found. It could mean, something dependences lie out of a field of our sight, or the applied methods are too rough, or influence of the studied parameters locally. The last in accuracy would designate that the behavior of participants of the market rather chaotically and has no general tendency that it is represented rather doubtful.

At change of the list of actions for n-date the index pays off with capitalization use () according to the new list. For prevention of the jump caused by calculations for the new list calculation of capitalization () according to the new list on (by n-date is made. Value () is used further as capitalization of initial day (). As value of an index for initial date () value of an index of the previous date (is used).

Certainly, the given facts - only part of enormous number of the share indicators existing in the world market of securities. Besides summary and composite, there is a mass of specialized indicators thanks to which modern share intermediaries operate world investment process.

Any share index shows that in it developers by definition of selection of components and a method of calculation put it. As a rule, than selection is broader, the index is closer to those to the indicator of state of the economy or separate branch. More mobile and konyyukturny indicator the share index becomes at association of components not on a branch sign, and by criterion of capitalization of the company, that is, the total market value of all actions which are in circulation.

It is obvious that two main problems arising by drawing up share indexes - the list of issuers (it is-leaved which stock quotations are the cornerstone of an index and value of quotations. The indexes of securities market existing today differ with approaches to the solution of these problems.

Before passing to a statement of an essence of the checked hypotheses it is necessary to choose system of designations. Under day, we will understand day of the secondary auction, but not auctions. Day is the last day in which operations with state credit obligations or federal loan bond in the secondary market about one day are performed.

Existence of similar communications is logical and quite predictable. Their existence is very probable as the market - the structure which is self-defined, and the processes happening on it remind chain reaction, than Brownian motion rather.