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Behind small exceptions at all times and the people expressed life rather negatively, Life - suffering (Buddha: Schopenhauer, etc.); life dream (Platon, Pascal); life - a chasm is evil (Ancient Egypt); "Life - fight and wandering on the foreign land" (Mark Aurelius); "Life is the story of the fool told by the idiot, is full of noise and rage, but deprived of sense" (Shakespeare); "All human life is deeply shipped in a lie" (Nitssh, etc.

Allocate some types of immortality connected by that after the person there is his business, children, grandsons, etc., products of its activity and personal belongings, and also fruits of spiritual production (ideas, images, etc.).

Are born, stars, fogs, planets, comets and other space bodies live and die, and in this sense anybody does not disappear and anything. This aspect is most developed in east philosophy and mystical doctrines proceeding from basic impossibility only reason to understand sense of this universal circulation. Materialistic concepts are under construction on a phenomenon of self-generation of life and self-causing, when, by words F. Engels, "with iron need" life and the conceiving spirit in one place of the Universe if in other it disappears is generated.