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11 words to write a character description

Chicherin found it possible to learn essence and expediency (finalnost) of the state on the basis of the gegelevsky philosophy interpreted with a high dose of mysticism and Kantian individualism. After Hegel he considered the state as the highest development of idea of human society and an embodiment of moral. Chicherin considering idea of the state, that is the beginning for the sake of which it exists and which is urged to carry out, as the aprioristic beginning, manifestation Absolute. Therefore those who rejects metaphysics, "are not able to understand anything in the state".4

Analyzing crisis, Novgorodians plans ways to the new statement of philosophy of the personality. "Not the belief in an earthly paradise which is in essence unattainable, and belief in an act of man and moral obligation - here that becomes before us here. Not the promised land, but the unshakable human person, such is our last support".