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Forms: March with-52, March with-54, March with-55, March with-57 and March with-58, Mutanty Uelsi are characterized by higher degree of drought resistance, in comparison with control grades.

Due to the deterioration of an ecological situation influence of some technogenic factors on the soil, plants is studied, methods of rehabilitation of the soils polluted by heavy metals and pesticides are developed.

All other mutant and hybrid forms showed results worse, than at control forms, therefore, they allegedly belong in group not drought-resistant. It is necessary to analyse these forms by results of next years, and also on other economic and valuable signs, within several years, and to exclude the forms which do not have those from a selection shkolka.

The March forms with-52, March with-54, March with-55, March with-57 and March with-58 also showed good drought resistance. We carry them in group the drought-resistant. It is necessary to involve these forms in selection process for the purpose of receiving initial material in selection on drought resistance.

Needs and requirements of human society grow every decade. The population of the planet grows up promptly. Industrialization is followed by intensive operation of natural resources and profound change of environment. Plowing of land massifs, use of lands under pastures, deforestation a construction of dams and channels, mining, use of fertilizers, an erosion of soils and many other results of activity of the person lead to considerable changes in the nature.