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From these researches it is possible to draw a practical conclusion: managers, internal control, is better than the managers experiencing external control. However such generalizations are confirmed nevertheless not completely as a number of the inconsistent facts. For example, after one of researches there was a conclusion that the ideal manager can have external orientation., received in the course of research, specified that managers, from the outside, are perceived as the heads working more and more carefully analyzing circumstances, than managers, from within. It was shown that, except practical application in the analysis of administrative behavior and efficiency of activity, the theory of attribution quite is suitable for a behavior explanation at a goal-setting, behavior of the leader and ­ bad performance of work as employees. In a review becomes that the locus of control is connected with efficiency of performance of work and feeling of an at members of the organization and can act as a link in of motivation and remuneration.

Other prejudice revealed in the course of researches is that people tend to represent themselves in favorable light. Such overestimate of a (self-serving bias) is shown in a set of researches; people with readiness a praise when say to them that they succeeded in something (attributing success to the abilities and diligence) whereas often write off failure for external, situational factors, such as bad luck or the special character of this problem doing its permission. For example, athletes usually attribute the victories to qualities whereas, most likely, explain defeat with something else — a, the bad organization of competitions or by big efforts of other team.

These various aspects of the theory of attribution show complexity of behavior of a, and understanding of this fact has to become part of science which tries to and understand organizational behavior. As recently it was noticed, it is impossible to by the theory of attribution. Theoretical and situational factors, and also an of information — all of them influence schemes of attribution in an organizational. Despite all its complexity, theories of attribution really there are many chances to find application in activity, but not to remain purely academic exercise on a of theories.

The theory of attribution which causes internal, external or other reasons, gives the chance better ­ difficult cognitive process of labor motivation, but thus for it a certain restrictions. The theory of attribution can make a big contribution to process of knowledge of motivation of a labor and probably is capable to overcome some restrictions peculiar to theories of expectation and justice. The theory of attribution, perhaps, will approach us to realization of the purposes of anticipation and control.

When the person attributes the success rather internal, than to external, it has higher expectations of rather future success, it shows bigger aspiration to achievements and sets higher purposes in the work.